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Alexandria Tutors is a tutor listing and matching service designed to connect local Alexandria tutors with students. If you are an independent tutor looking to find students in Alexandria, this site is for you!

How We Work

We're local, so you must be too. We have multiple sites targeting different locations and our students expect to find local tutors they can meet near them. To be listed on any particular site, you actually have to live there, or nearby, and be available for in-person tutoring in that area. You can be listed on multiple sites as long as you are available face-to-face in each location.

To get started, you just create a simple profile on our site. Interested students can then find and contact you by submitting a contact request through the site. We filter out invalid contact requests, such as those that are obvious spam or that don't have a return contact method, and forward the valid requests to you. At that point, our role is done. You have a lead for a potential new student and you can get back to them directly.

Once you have your new students, they're yours. We don't require ongoing payments from you or them, even if you discontinue your listing with us. You keep all the income you generate from your students, and neither you nor they have any ongoing obligation to us. Of course we hope you'll continue to list with us for the opportunity to generate new leads, but that is up to you.

Speaking of students, we don't charge them anything. Ever. They don't even have to sign up for the site. This lowers the barrier to entry and makes it much easier for more students to find you. You don't have to sign up for the site either. We just need your name, profile info, and an email address so we can forward student contact requests to you.

It's Free to Get Started

We don't charge tutors anything until we've generated you some actual tutoring leads. We don't even do that frustrating "give us your credit card now and we'll start charging you later if you don't cancel" thing. It is absolutely free to join our site and list your tutoring profile, and it will stay free until we've got you your first two leads. Even then, you can choose to stop listing with us and pay nothing... but if your profile has garnered enough interest to get two potential students to contact you, you've probably had one or more tutoring sessions as well. That means money in your pocket. Excellent!

How We Charge You

Only after we've generated at least two leads for you, meaning we've actually provided you something of value, do we ask for anything in return. To continue to be listed with us, and for the opportunity to receive additional leads, we ask for a very small listing fee of $3 per month. You're probably charging enough per tutoring session that the cost to list with us for a whole year will be paid for by just one or two sessions. If you want to be listed on multiple sites, it is just a dollar more per month per site.

You may at some point choose to upgrade your listing to be a "featured tutor" which means you'll show up on the homepage and before non-featured tutors on all tutor listing pages. Featured status is $10/month but applies to all sites you're on. You may also choose do a background check to enable the "verified background check" icon on your listing, but that is an optional, one-time cost. We take payments via Square invoices so we just need your name and email and they take care of the credit card security details - we never even see the full card details.

How You Charge Your Students

We don't accept payments on your behalf, so you can either collect cash and pay zero fees or use a payment app or website and pay a few percent - a far cry from the 9% or more some tutoring sites charge. It generally costs 3% to charge a credit card so anything above that is money in their pockets instead of yours. Keep it simple and just collect your own tutoring fees. There are multiple apps that make it extremely easy, don't force your students to provide personal or financial info to a tutoring company, and allow you to keep more of your hard earned money.

How We Compare to the Alternatives

If you've done much tutoring, you've probably already noticed that Alexandria Tutors offers quite a different experience than the two main ways tutors usually find students: (1) going it alone or (2) listing with a massive online tutoring company.

Those who go it alone tend to search for students anywhere they can, frequently using one of the big free classifieds sites. Those sites can be very frustrating. There's lots of competition from other tutors, especially the many unscrupulous ones who spam the listings with multiple unprofessional ads. You also have to keep updating your listing to keep from being buried in the mess. The whole experience is less than ideal and doesn't project a polished and professional image.

Those who list with the massive online tutoring sites suffer through many extremely frustrating issues. Many of these sites seem to think that because they connected a tutor and student that they have the right to extract as much money as possible from the relationship for the rest of eternity. Some don't consider them your students and want to control your relationship. Some require you to bill through them and take exorbitant percentages of your ongoing revenue. Some charge significant "service" fees on top of that. Some even charge your students as well. If that wasn't bad enough, many want you to sign complex legal agreements almost no one understands and that may impact your ability to continue to tutor your students if you want to stop paying them. Let me get this straight, you want to take 25% of my hourly rate for every session I ever teach, then another 9% "service" charge on top of that, also forever, and you're charging my student on the side? Give me a break!

Our founder, owner, and developer is also a tutor and won't stand for any of that nonsense. We are a very small, very lean company with no debt, investors, or giant executive salaries to pay, so we can just provide the matching service you want and leave the hassle behind. If you just want to find some students and then be left alone to work with them, you've found the right place!

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